Connor Hawke
Name Connor Hawke
Current Alias Green Arrow II
Other Aliases Red Arrow
Relatives Oliver Queen (father), Dinah Laurel Lance (adoptive mother), Cissie King (sister), Roy Harper (adoptive brother), Jr. Harper (adoptive brother), Mia Jordan (adoptive sister), Hal Jordan (brother-in-law), Lian Harper (niece), Graydon Jordan (nephew), Hallie Jordan (niece)
Base of Operations Star City
Portrayed By Justin Hartley

Connor Hawke was the product of a one night stand between Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. Connor grew up as a monk living in a monastery. When Conner was 13 his mother passed away. Before her death she told Connor that his father was Green Arrow. Connor spent his teenage years watching Green Arrow's adventures play out.

At the age of 18 he left the monastery and went to meet his father. Oliver welcomed Connor into the family and even started to train him. Soon Connor took up the mantle of Red Arrow. When Oliver disappeared for a time he became Green Arrow and upon Oliver's return the title stuck. In the press Connor became knows as "The New Green Arrow" or "Green Arrow II". Oliver got Connor a job at Queen Industries, which he is very happy in.

Connor always puts other first. When Mia was diagnoised with HIV Connor was there to help his sister and played a very big part in helping her come to terms with her illness. He also introduced his best friend Kyle Rayner to his friend Stephanie Brown. They two married much to Connor's delight.

After years of Roy teasing Connor about being a virgin, he finally met someone. During a joint mission with Batwoman Barbara Gordon they fell in love. Connor and Barbara continue to date with Connor spliting his time between Star City and Gotham City.