Hallie Jordan
Name Hallie Olivia Jordan
Current Alias None
Other Aliases None
Relatives Hal Jordan (father), Mia Jordan (mother), Oliver Queen (grandfather), Dinah Laurel Lance (grandmother), Roy Harper (uncle), Connor Hawke (uncle), Jr. Harper (uncle), Jim Jordan (uncle), Jack Jordan (uncle), Cissie King (aunt), Lian Harper (cousin), Harold Jordan (2nd cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Suri Cruise

Teen: Hilary Duff

Hallie Jordan is the daughter of Hal and Mia Jordan. Named after her father, Hallie and Hal have a very close bond. Hallie's best friend is Kora Grayson. The two have a bond that even their parents don't understand, but they seem to communicate without speaking.