Kara Wayne (Earth 5)
Name Kara Wayne
Current Alias Superwoman
Other Aliases Kara Zor-El, Kara Kent, Kara Grayson
Relatives Bruce Wayne (Earth 5) (husband), Kira Grayson (Earth 5) (daughter), Reilly Wayne (Earth 5) (daughter), Dick Grayson (Earth 5) (stepson/ex-husband), Tim Wayne (Earth 5) (stepson), Jason Todd (Earth 5) (stepson), Clark Kent (Earth 5) (cousin), Conner Kent (Earth 5) (cousin [deceased]), Stephanie Kent (Earth 5) (cousin-in-law)
Base of Operations Gotham City (Earth 5)
Portrayed By Stephanie March

Kara Wayne is the Earth 5 counter part to Kara Kent-Grayson. Her life has been very similar to her Earth 1 counterpart, with the exception of only having one child with Dick Grayson. After 13 years of marriage Kara found herself in an affair with Bruce Wayne and soon after left Dick and married him. Together Bruce and Kara had a child named Reilly. Kara became Superwoman (instead of Supergirl) shortly after her divorce from Dick.