Stacy Wayne
Name Anastasia Wayne
Current Alias Sparrow
Other Aliases Batgirl
Relatives Bruce Wayne (father), Karen Starr-Wayne (mother), Dick Grayson (adoptive brother), Jason Todd (adoptive brother), Tim Wayne (adoptive brother), Damian Wayne (brother), Helena Kyle (half sister), Kara Kent-Grayson (sister-in-law), Bette Kane-Wayne (sister-in-law), Madison Wayne (niece), Robyn Wayne (niece), Kira Grayson (niece), Kora Grayson (niece), Jordan Todd (niece)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By AnnaSophia Robb

Stacy Wayne was born to Bruce and Karen Wayne. From the time she was born her young life was plagued with trials. She was only a few weeks old when Circe kidnapped her. She was saved by her older brother, Damian, but in the process Circe put a spell on her that aged her 12 years over night. She was essentially robbed of the first 12 years of her life. Even then Stacy became a straight A student and cheerleader and rose above.

The hardest trial of her life was when Circe killed her mother. Stacy was very close to Karen and was lost without her. To bond with her father she took up the role of Sparrow, Red Robin's sidekick. Bruce trained her so she would be prepared. Being 1/2 Kryptonian she had limited powers that no one else in her family had.

Karen eventually returned, having been injured, not dead. Stacy and Karen bonded again and once again became extremely close. Stacy also met a young man named Terry McGinnis and the two started dating.

When Dick Grayson retired as Nightwing the mantle was picked up by Stephanie Brown. Stacy was all too eager to step into the role of Batgirl.

After a year of dating Stacy and Terry broke up and Stacy eventually gave the Batgirl mantle back to Stephanie after Dick came out of retirement. Stacy became Sparrow again. In her free time she was head cheerleader of the JV squad at Wayne Prep. She also took surf lessons from Hercules. Stacy began to fall in love with Hercules and he seemed to return her affection, in spite of the age gap. They eventually began dating.

What Stacy didn't know was that Hercules was only dating her because he was commanded to do so by Loki. Loki wanted Hercules to date Stacy to upset the older Waynes. He felt it would distract them while he executed his plans. When Loki no longer needed the distraction he allowed Hercules to break up with Stacy. Stacy was heartbroken and to this day hates all men (except her father, Dick, and Tim) for what Hercules did to her.